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cars, and also having to work at his job, Ben had become very tired. On Christmas Eve Ben worked and became so tired that he got up and walked home without waiting for the driver. He forgot that the next day was Christmas. Ben got home, walked in, and sat down to eat his dinner, but he fell asleep at the kitchen table.

Earlier that day Brandy had been to town to pick up the Christmas tree and the food for their Christmas dinner. When she got home the children brought out the few decorations they had and placed them on their little Christmas tree. They were ornaments she and the children had made earlier that day. The children of course were very excited and could hardly wait any longer, especially since the next day would be Christmas. They had no idea what Santa would bring them. Each of them had been extremely good that year, just like every other year, and they had asked Santa to bring them something nice.


Christmas morning came and Magui was the first one up. She woke Aaron and Ryan and then ran down the hall to the living room. She was pleased to see three rather large wrapped packages by their Christmas tree. Ryan woke Brandy and looked for his dad, but could not find him. Ben was still in the kitchen sleeping with his head on the table. He had overslept!

Ben had planned to wake up very early to go and pick up the cars from Mr. Gordon's shop. As he rounded the corner he saw the little Christmas tree and was surprised to see three large wrapped packages near the tree. Brandy came over to him and whispered, "How did you afford to buy that beautiful wrapping paper, and where in the world did you find it?" He looked at her and whispered back, "I don't know." Meanwhile the children were dancing around and asking, "When can we open our gifts? Can we open them now? Oh please we have waited so long! Can we open them now?"

"Sure," they answered. Ryan, Magui and Aaron tore the wrapping off their gifts and they were surprised to find their very own Wirecars, each one a little different from the other. They loved these cars. They had never received a present that was actually wrapped so nicely. Their cars were different from the original wire-framed car as these had steering rods attached to them. Now the children did not have to play on their hands and knees in the dirt. They could walk behind the cars and steer them around on the small dirt roads in the little mud town they had built. All three of the children were very happy.

Later that day, after dinner, Ben went to Mr. Gordon's house to thank him for making such a wonderful Christmas possible. He asked him if he knew how the cars had made it next to the tree. Mr. Gordon replied, "I guess ole' Saint Nick was looking out for you and your family last night!" He then explained, "Late last night I went down to the shop to see how your project was coming along. You had left. I saw your cars sitting on the work bench, and since it was Christmas Eve, I took them home where my wife wrapped them up in fine paper. She then sent me to your house to deliver them. Ben, when I got to your house I knocked on the door but no one answered. The door was unlocked, so I walked in and saw you asleep at the kitchen table. I quietly walked over to your Christmas tree and put the gifts down. It made me happy to know I could help in a small way to make sure your family had a happy Christmas."

That was the best Christmas they had ever had. Ben made and sold many Wirecars and the extra income helped them have many more wonderful Christmases. Ben and his family lived happily ever after.

The End

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